The problems of writing an essay

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     Of all types of creative works, it is the writing of an essay that presents the greatest difficulties and problems for students. This is connected with this, which in the text the writer is obliged to express his own judgment according to the subject being examined. If the presence of writing a test or essay rather simply mentioning a number of points of view of influential creators, according to a specific problem, you are frustrated to interpret them, in which case the presence of a university student is obliged to imagine his own vision of the problem. The problem with this is that the essay is obliged to be formulated by the creator from his own point of view, frustrating suggests the maximum difficulty of the presence of his writing. This question is especially vital for the purpose of students of the 1st direction. in the initial stage of teaching, the personal place of students’ view on this or another question is either not yet formed, or is located in a period of development, for this reason the essay is connected with some problems.

      The problem of the student’s substantiation of his own point of view often coexists with the problem of the discrepancy between his or her vision and the teacher’s opinion. For example, when writing an essay on the history of the Fatherland, the most acute and problematic periods in our history are topics that the teacher and student, due to their ideological attitudes, worldview and other factors, can look at and look at differently.

      When writing an essay, the student’s point of view may not coincide with the teacher’s point of view on the period in question, which sometimes creates problems for the student with passing the test, the exam, or receiving a positive result. Often, students, knowing about those or other preferences of a teacher, when writing an essay, “adapt” to his point of view to the detriment of their own position, show other types of conformism to get the desired result. Such an approach does not contribute to the correct formation of the students ‘scientific outlook, therefore, to resolve this problem, correct, tolerant perception by teachers of the students’ individual points of view is of great importance.

    When writing creative works, the most important thing is not to be afraid of the arising difficulties, but to solve them methodically and gradually.